Now is the time for dreams to come true. The youngest band member, Ron is 54 years old & the oldest is Gordon at 68. A residential school survivor, Gordon is an advocate of love. His leg hurts and will soon go for a knee replacement surgery. Dennis (67) speaks of his grandmother’s teachings and shares how his harmonica cured him of his recent stroke. Ron is struggling with the shock of his son’s suicide. The roaring drum beats help him free his mind of the mental trauma. Rennie (67) is a deacon. Together they are called The Whytfeather Music Band. With songs of resilience and love, this album is their way of leaving a legacy behind for the youth. Filmed on the traditional lands of The Squamish Nation, we aim to highlight a hidden gem of North Vancouver, British Columbia. Currently in development, we are open to funds and grants for the completion of the project.

DOP/Editor: James Stevenson
Director/Producer: Priyanka Desai
Co-Producer: Ron Joseph

Rock N’ Old (In-development)

If you like our film idea and would like to fund it. Get in touch with us on Thanks in advance.